Loops For Larger Rooms

ET150 Induction Loop Amplifier


  • Up To 800m2 Coverage
  • 3 Inputs on XLR
  • Integrated PSU
  • Noise Limiter
  • Soft Start
  • Protected Mixer & Drive Controls
  • Compression Meter

The ET150 induction Loop amplifier is the smallest of the easy T professional range of induction loop amplifiers. The ET150 loop amp will cover a square room 12m by 12m or a rectangular room 20m by 10m.

The unit has three inputs all of which can be microphones, or input 3 can be switched to line level for mixing desk or AV feeds. Selectable Phantom power is available for the microphone inputs.

The controls on the Current Thinking ET150 Loop Amplifier are screwdriver adjustable to prevent tampering. The three audio inputs on the ET150 are on standard XLR Connections (in accordance with AES3).

The amplifiers have 3 inputs on XLR; 2 dedicated microphones and one microphone or line selectable using a rear panel switch. User selectable Phantom Powering is available for the microphone inputs, enabled via a rear panel switch. The inputs are individually mixed before passing to the compressor limiter, which prevents loop overload whilst compensating for varying microphone usage.

All controls are recessed to prevent unauthorised access. Indication is provided for compression level, output current, loop status and power supply. A loop current monitor socket is provided to allow headphones to be used to monitor the actual loop current. An audio output (post compressor) is provided for recording, with a slave audio in to allow cascading.

Inputs 1 & 2 are microphone level and input 3 is selectable between mic and line level using the blue push switch on the rear. Phantom is enabled to all microphone inputs using the red push switch on the rear.


Audio Inputs
3, 2 Off Microphone, 1 Mic/ Line Selectable
Selectable, 12V 5mA
-50dB Microphone -10dB Line
230V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power 100VA Max
Variable ratio 1:1 to limit 20:1
Automatic from 500mS to 1500mS
Noise Reduction
Dynamic Range
Dimensions (WxHxD)