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Testing & Maintaining an Induction Loop System

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One of the most common causes of failure in hearing loops and other assisted systems is poor maintenance and incorrect operation.

To ensure your system is providing a worthwhile benefit and you meet your obligations under the disability legislation, you must carry out regular maintenance checks.

As a minimum this should be a weekly test with a basic loop test and visual inspection.

It is recommended that a full test and setup is carried out by a competent loop specialist such as PAS, once a year with calibrated test equipment.

Testing and maintaining your loop system is important because…


States that an induction loop system should be subjected to regular testing by a responsible person.

Whilst an induction loop requires little attention during its use, it is important to ensure that the system is operational at all times, and any failures or lack of operation are dealt with promptly to ensure potential users are not disadvantaged.
Regular testing is seen as the ideal method of ensuring operation, and on a weekly basis a responsible person should carry out a basic visual and audible test. By using a low cost, simple loop receiver any individual will be able to establish if the system is operational and available for users. Any problems identified can then be brought to the attention of management for further action by a loop specialist.

Ensure you are able to check your loop systems by using one of these basic loop testers available from PAS


States that an induction loop system should be subjected to regular inspection and servicing at intervals no greater than 12 months by a competent person with specialist knowledge of AFILS.

PAS Sound has competent and fully trained engineers to carry out annual testing and maintenance on all loop systems. Ensure your AFIL systems are maintained correctly by experts by calling PAS Sound now.
We only use calibrated test equipment and approved test methods and documentation on all visits