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Induction Loop Systems : Induction Loop Systems UK
Loop Systems

Induction Loop Case Studies

We first encountered Induction Loops back in 1976, and have been installing them since 1985, with countless systems provided to a wide variety of locations and venues, both large and small.  Our practical experience and knowledge gained through this and industry based training allows us to offer loop systems which are designed, installed and setup correctly. Here are just a small selection of the typical locations we have installed induction loops in the past.


Health centre induction loop system
Health Centre

PAS were contracted to carry out the supply, installation and commissioning of audio induction loop systems at a number of health centres in the Midlands recently. Working for various M&E contractors, we supplied induction loops to receptions, meeting rooms and supplied portable loops for movement between consulting rooms as and when required.

Fixed Reception Loops – Fixed Meeting Room Loops – Portable Loops


Court induction loop

PAS Sound were awarded the contract to supply and install sound reinforcement and Infra red audio systems to the court rooms of the new Magistrates Court building in Chelmsford. Working with the electrical contractors, PAS developed digitally controlled audio systems which linked to Infra Red audio assistance in all six courts. The Infra red hearing systems provide clear, intelligible audio which is retained within the four walls of the court, and available to both hearing aid users and those without.

Fixed Reception Loop – Courtroom Audio & Infra Red System


Hospital clinic induction loop
Hospital Clinics

With a long history of serving the health service, PAS have supplied and maintained numerous induction loop systems at various receptions, clinics and service points throughout this busy north west hospital, and provide an annual maintenance service to ensure they are fully operational and compliant with their DDA hearing assistance requirements.

Multiple Low Overspill Loops – Fixed Reception Loop


Church induction loop

With in excess of seven hundred church clients, PAS have provided effective hearing assistance for many congregations over the last three decades. Recently we installed a new sound system and induction loop to this busy parish church which had previously had three unsuccessful systems over a fifteen year period. Finally the building now has audio which both the hard of hearing and any individual can benefit from with a professional induction loop fed from a sound system which is tailored exactly to the lively acoustics of the church. A great example of effective use of a loop system!

Fixed Worship Area Loop System


Civic building induction loop
Civic Buildings & Town Hall Meeting Rooms
Most city and town councils have meeting rooms which have a requirement to provide hearing assistance. We were contracted to provide secure loops to this council for several rooms in its building which needed to reduce overspill and maintain confidentiality. By employing multiple array loops, PAS were able to reduce overspill to acceptable limits whilst maintaining a true benefit to those within the rooms with hearing difficulties.

Multiple Low Overspill Loops – Fixed Reception Loop


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