Infrared Loops

IRSTX750 Slave Radiator


  • 750 mW Power Covers up to 100 Square Metres
  • High Frequency Modulation Free From Lighting Interference
  • Simple installation with included bracket
  • Switchable VOX operation for power saving
IRSTX750 Slave Radiator


The IRSTX750 is a compact combined modulator and radiator for infrared assistive listening systems, and forms the main transmitter in the Infra~HearTM range of products.

Using high frequency modulation at 2.3MHz the Infra~HearTM products are immune to interference from energy saving lighting and plasma displays.

Due to its compact design the unit can be discreetly placed in classrooms and meeting rooms, and is the ideal choice for small to medium sized locations, as well as museums and tours where defined coverage is required. Area coverage can be increased by using up-to four slave units, increasing flexibility.

By using an industry standard universal input, the system can be stand-alone using a microphone (with 12VDC phantom available to allow use of electret types) or connected to the main sound system using a balanced line connection for the highest quality sound.

An Automatic Gain Control (AGC) provides the correct modulation signal over a wide range of audio inputs, ensuring maximum modulation with no overload.


Max. coverage area approx. 100 m2
Power 300VA Max
wideband FM
Carrier frequency
2.3 MHz
AF input
3 pin XLR
AGC Range
AF Frequency Response
30-18,000 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)
700g Approx



Download the IRSTX750 datasheet