Infrared Loops

L151-10 10 Way Charger for Infra Red Receivers


  • Ten Way Charger For Infrared Receivers
  • 12V DC Power Supply
L151-10 10 Way Charger for Infra Red Receivers

The Sennheiser L 151-10 charging rack can charge infrared receivers without having to remove their battery packs. Alternatively, the batteries can be charged separately by placing them in the charging slots provided.

Up to five L 151-10 charging racks can be linked together (using the supplied link plates) creating a fifty way charging rack.

Suitable for all Sennheiser infrared receivers that use the BA 151 accupack.


Charging compartments 10
Charging current per compartment
6 mA
Charging time
14 h, initial charging 24 h
325 x 98 x 42 mm
Weight approx. 400 g


Download the L151-10 datasheet