Infrared Loops

SZI 1015T Infrared radiator with integral modulator


  • Maximum Coverage Of Up To 400 m²
  • Allows Chaining The Signal To Additional Radiators
  • Modulator For Single-Channel, Two-Channel Or Stereo Operation
SZI 1015T Infrared radiator with integral modulator

The SZI-1015T is a 2-Watt infra-red radiator with integral modulator.

The wideband modulator uses the new extremely reliable carrier frequency of 2.3 MHz. The radiator/ modulator is automatically switched on and off by the AF signal.

Via an RF output, the modulated signal can be fed to further radiators.

The SZI1015T has a coverage area of approx. 400 m2; independent diode groups ensure extremely reliable transmission.


Carrier Frequency Range 23 MHz
Number Of Diodes
Max Coverage Area
4,000 sq. ft. (mono)
Average radiating power
2 watts
Audio input connector XLR balanced line-level
Carrier frequency range 30 Hz–18 kHz
Current consumption 0.8 A
Dimensions in inches 10 x 3.25 x 5
Weight (Approx) 3lbs