Infrared Loops

SZI30 Modulator & Radiator


  • Compact Size
  • Covers up to 80 m²
  • Easy installation and precise alignment
SZI 30 Modulator & Radiator

The SZI30 is a wideband modulator with an integral radiator.

It can be switched between operation on channel 1 (2.3 MHz), channel 2 (2.8 MHz) and stereo operation.

Due to its compact size and relatively low radiating power, the SI30 modulator/radiator and the SZI 30 radiator are an ideal choice for smaller or medium sized rooms, for covering recesses or for applications which require transmission of audio information to well defined zones, e.g. in museums.


Nominal deviation +/- 50 kHz
Carrier Frequencies 6 MHz
Max. coverage area 80 m²
Output impedance ca. 20 kOhm o. 50 Ohm
IR Diodes 11
Current consumption 150 mA
Dimensions 118 x 25 x 90 mm
Weight 135 g


Download the SZI 30 datasheet